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Serious Injuries

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serious personal injury

Accidents rarely have positive outcomes for the persons involved. Lives are altered forever; plans change, and dreams are revised. Once you or someone you love has been untangled from the twisted metal of a high-speed car wreck or rescued from a construction accident, you will realize how precious life is, and how hard it can be to return to normalcy.

Seeking experienced professional counsel can alleviate a lot of the suffering that accompanies tragic personal injury. You shouldn’t have to worry about medical bills, insurance companies and psychological trauma. Arrange a free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer and start preparing to receive full and fair compensation. Don’t underestimate the psychological trauma that can accompany a sudden, disabling condition. Let us help you determine the full impact of the injury on your life in order to accurately obtain full and fair compensation on your behalf.

We’ve dealt with cases involving: head, neck and back injuries; spinal cord injuries; bone fractures; burn injuries; amputation or dismemberment; torn ligaments or rotator cuffs; loss of sight or hearing; traumatic brain injuries; death.


The Illinois Injury Law Center is dedicated to connecting people and families in need with compassionate and professional attorneys.