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Construction Site Injuries

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construction site personal injury

If you are injured in an accident at a construction site always make sure you have a solid legal and medical opinion about the state of your injuries. If you are just passing by, or work at a construction site—remember that the construction company is liable for anything that may occur.

Construction site accidents occur in many different ways, including:

Poorly Maintained Construction Site – Construction site management failing to maintain the construction site in a safe manner.

Failure to Warn – Failure to warn pedestrians or visitors about potential hazards like holes, hardhats, falling debris, hidden obstacles or unsafe floors.

Equipment Negligence – Employees operating heavy equipment in a negligent manner.

Defective Equipment – Defective or dangerous equipment such as a forklift, bulldozer, crane or other machinery that can cause an accident or severe injury.

Construction Site Falls – Scaffolding is negligently constructed, causing a collapse or a construction worker to fall.

Most construction workers who are protected by workers compensation are also entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. Although you may not be able to pursue personal injury claims against your employer, there are often other parties at fault in the accident including subcontractors, product manufacturers or other liable persons.


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