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Semi Truck Accidents

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25% of all traffic fatalities resulting from multiple vehicle accidents are caused by commercial trucks, despite the fact that they make up only 3% of all registered vehicles. If you have been involved in an accident or injury involving a commercial truck, tractor-trailer or semi truck, please call us to schedule a free consultation.

Trucking Accidents are caused by:

  • Truck driver negligence — for example, driving too long without required rest breaks, driver logbook can reveal other negligent practices
  • Rig owner negligence — failure to perform scheduled maintenance
  • Manufacturer negligence — including defective parts such as breaks, springs, and couplings
  • Government negligence
  • Truck driver failing to mark the scene of an accident, causing a multi-car crash
  • Semi trucks making wide turns and not seeing vehicles on the inside lane
  • Semi truck loaded improperly, causing a shifting or unsafe load
  • Inadequate training of drivers, especially of smaller trucks
  • Overloading trucks, causing mechanical failure
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An Attorney Trained in Trucking Accidents Can Help

We are well versed in the rules and regulations involved in Trucking. We understand where and how to look for potential liability, as well as how to deal with businesses and truck accident claims.


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