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Highway Accidents

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Despite the fact that laws require all drivers to fully secure and mark their loads, falling debris cause traffic accidents every day. It can be horrifying and frustrating to learn that injury to you or a loved one could have been completely prevented had adequate safety measures been taken.

Failure to Secure a Load

Highway accidents are caused by debris falling from pickup trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks, semi trucks and other vehicles. Flying rocks, landscaping material, farm equipment and timber falling into the roadway can cause major accidents. Drivers are frequently able to swerve to miss the material, but are unable to prevent a serious traffic accident.

Failure to Maintain a Vehicle

Displaced tire treads, mufflers, tailpipes and other materials have all made appearances flying down the roadway, lodging in the windshields of passing vehicles on the highway. Negligent maintenance of commercial vehicles, semi trucks, dump trucks or other vehicles can cause damaged or worn vehicle parts to break off and cause serious accidents.

If you have been in an accident caused by debris in the roadway, do not hesitate to contact us.


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